The Business of HPC: TCO, Funding Models, Metrics, Value, and More
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HPC Center Planning and Operations
TimeMonday, November 12th8:30am - 12pm
DescriptionThe tutorial provides an impartial, practical, non-sales focused guide to the business aspects of HPC facilities and services. It presents a rare and invaluable opportunity for HPC managers, practitioners, and stakeholders to learn about using TCO models; the pros and cons of different cost recovery and funding models; appropriate metrics for HPC services, and assessing the value of HPC.

Well-managed TCO, return on investment, and cost recovery models can be hugely beneficial to HPC managers and operators by demonstrating the value of HPC to the organization, driving the continuation and growth of HPC investment. They can also help uncover practical improvements to deliver better services to users.

After the tutorial, attendees will be in a stronger position to calculate and use TCO within their organizations, to design and use cost-recovery models, to select and use appropriate metrics, and articulate the value of HPC.

The tutorial is based on experience across a diverse set of real world cases in various countries, in both private and public sectors, with projects of all sizes and shapes.

The material is based on our successful SC17 TCO and Business Case tutorials, with selected elements of those tutorials brought together with additional new content.
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