ACM Student Research Competition
Identifying Network Data Transfer Bottlenecks in HPC Systems
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ACM Student Research Competition
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TimeTuesday, November 13th8:30am - 5pm
DescriptionImproving network data transfer performance is a major factor for improving high performance computing systems. Most studies analyze data transfer and file system IO performance separately, but understanding the relationship between the two is essential for optimizing scheduling and resource management. Intuitively, if data is being transferred to a busy file system the transfer rate would be slower than a file system at regular activity levels.

This study analyzes patterns between file system activity and network throughput for several use cases of file writing and data transfers using a parallel file system. The parameters changed among the use cases were file striping for the file system, and buffer size and parallelism for data transfer. The main bottleneck for network data transfer rate was the number of OSTs the data was striped across. For a large number of OSTs (16 or greater), writing to the file system was the bottleneck.
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