VeloC: Very Low Overhead Checkpointing System
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TimeThursday, November 15th8:30am - 5pm
DescriptionCheckpointing large amounts of related data concurrently to stable storage is a common I/O pattern of many HPC applications. However, such a pattern frequently leads to I/O bottlenecks that lead to poor scalability and performance. As modern HPC infrastructures continue to evolve, there is a growing gap between compute capacity vs. I/O capabilities. Furthermore, the storage hierarchy is becoming increasingly heterogeneous: in addition to parallel file systems, it comprises burst buffers, key-value stores, deep memory hierarchies at node level, etc. In this context, state of art is insufficient to deal with the diversity of vendor APIs, performance and persistency characteristics. This poster proposes VeloC, a low-overhead checkpointing system specifically designed to address the checkpointing needs of future exascale HPC systems. VeloC offers a simple API at user level, while employing an advanced multi-level resilience strategy that transparently optimizes the performance and scalability of checkpointing by leveraging heterogeneous storage.
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