Photonic Interconnects for Extreme Scale Computing
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Data Analytics
Graph Algorithms
TimeMonday, November 12th9:10am - 10am
DescriptionThe capabilities of large-scale high performance computing systems, either as supercomputers or warehouse scale data centers, are increasingly pervasive in different areas of modern life, from weather predictions to film and fashion recommendations. New applications using data intensive computations are putting more stress on the interconnection network at the same time that Moore’s Law is slowing. advances in transistor density. As a consequence, the high bandwidth interconnects, essential for maintaining computation performance, are representing an increasing portion of the total energy and cost budgets.

It is widely accepted that new approaches are required to meet the new challenges. Photonic interconnection networks, with recent advances in integrated silicon photonics offer an opportunity to overcome limitations of conventional electrical wires to solve bottlenecks and improve interconnect performance. Beyond alleviating the bandwidth and energy bottlenecks, embedded photonics can enable new disaggregated architectures that leverage the distance independence of optical transmission. In this talk, I will present an overview of recent photonic advances and discuss how we can use emerging photonics technologies to increase resource utilization and reduce energy consumption.
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