Innovative Approaches for Developing Accessible, Productive, Scalable HPC Training
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TimeWednesday, November 14th10:30am - 12pm
DescriptionAs the provision of HPC rapidly increases, an increasing number of application domains and users are becoming interested in the potential that HPC can unlock for their field. This is creating an urgent need for scalable, accessible training to ensure effective use of resources. The majority of current training for HPC is still provided to domain-experts by computers scientists in a classroom environment. This necessarily limits both the scalability of the training and the tailoring of the training to the needs of domains new to HPC. This panel will focus on innovative approaches to improve the learning experience for domain-experts and how to reach an ever increasingly diverse and dispersed audience.

Topics covered will include using new tools and teaching methods, whether hackathons are useful for the non-specialists, and the need for providing training that recognizes the needs of a diverse population, including how to improve access for underrepresented groups.
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