Reconfigurable Computing for HPC: Will It Make It this Time?
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TimeWednesday, November 14th1:30pm - 3pm
DescriptionReconfigurable computing has been adopted in many domains requiring fast computing with a relatively low power budget. It has been recently introduced in large-scale systems such as the Cloud and extreme-scale data centers. The end of Moore's law and the introduction of devices with exceptional floating point computing capabilities make reconfigurable computing more attractive than ever for HPC. Many questions are open. How to program efficiently reconfigurable devices at high level? Where to put the reconfigurable devices (compute node, network, storage)? What algorithms/data representation provide advantage for reconfigurable devices over CPUs and GPUs? What metrics should be used to measure performance of reconfigurable devices and to compare with CPUs and GPUs? The panel will explore these questions and discuss why reconfigurable computing did not succeed in HPC in the past and why it could make it this time. The panelists will be reconfigurable computing experts from industry and academia.
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