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Managing the Convergence of HPC and AI
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Exhibitor Forum
Machine Learning
TimeWednesday, November 14th1:30pm - 2pm
DescriptionHPC environments are the most significant source of processing capacity in many organizations, and more users want to leverage the power of the “SuperComputer" for their workloads to get performance beyond the single box. These "new customers" for your HPC cluster may have little knowledge on how to access, configure and deploy workloads where typical open-source cluster management solutions are used, driving a significant amount of handholding for administrators. In particular, users wanting to experiment with or deploy AI training on the cluster may simply have data and a desire to train, without the technical expertise to configure scripts, resources, frameworks, libraries, etc. to run. Bringing these new users into the HPC environment is a significant opportunity to grow and expand the value of your infrastructure – but only if it is easy to use and easy to manage, and consistent for both HPC and AI workloads.
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