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The Case for Thermoplastic Quick Disconnects in Liquid Cooling
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
HPC Center Planning and Operations
TimeWednesday, November 14th3:30pm - 4pm
DescriptionLiquid cooling system components must meet requirements for chemical compatibility, flow rates, temperature/pressure exposures. Ease of use and reliability over long periods of time are additional desirable attributes. To avoid potential damage to expensive electronic equipment due to leaks, secure drip-free connections are essential for any liquid cooling system.

Quick disconnects (QDs) designed and built specifically for HPC applications are now available, simplifying connector selection. However, questions surface around component materials – metal or thermoplastics and their ability to meet HPC thermal requirements. Intended use, ease of installation and maintenance, operating conditions, durability, and potential for leakage have bearing on the selection process.

This presentation describes the performance and reliability factors of thermoplastics for fluid handling. The differences between thermoplastic and metal fluid connectors are discussed. Special focus is given to sealability, integrity over time, condensation/corrosion, chemical compatibility and weight. The presentation highlights CPC’s just-announced thermoplastic quick disconnect products.
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