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Experience New Records for Speed and Scale: High Performance Genomics and Imaging
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Exhibitor Forum
Machine Learning
Scientific Computing
TimeWednesday, November 14th11am - 11:30am
DescriptionThrough real use cases and live demo, Frank Lee, PhD, Global Industry Leader for Healthcare & Life Sciences, and his extended team, will illustrate the reference architecture and solution for high performance data and AI platforms (HPDA), deployed for cloud-scale data management, multi-cloud workload orchestration and converged high performance computing with deep learning.

This presentation will demonstrate the four key values of an HPDA architecture - high performance, low cost, ease of use, and collaboration - based on the following use cases of: the fastest and fully-automated clinical genomics pipeline and the world's largest genomics database that can ingest and annotate 10 million variants per hour. Also, high-performance deep learning and AI for cancer and medical imaging, data ocean for genomics that spans multiple public clouds, metadata and provenance tracking for complex analytical workflow, and much more ...
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