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Simplifying HPC Data Management at Scale
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Exhibitor Forum
Data Management
TimeTuesday, November 13th3:30pm - 4pm
DescriptionThe rapid growth of HPC data necessitates a multi-layer storage strategy to get the best performance and data protection while cutting costs. Since a bulk of data becomes inactive or cold soon after its created, Komprise Intelligent Data Management enables HPC institutions to analyze data across multi-vendor storage and by policy move cold data to lower cost storage and data protection models through its lifecycle, without any changes to user or application access. This talk describes how Komprise uses a distributed scale-out architecture built on open protocols to work across a variety of on premise and cloud storage and transparently preserve the original namespace of data without fronting all data or metadata access, so there is no user disruption yet no lock-in. HPC use cases of how research institutes have leveraged data lifecycle management to cut 70%+ of costs will also be presented.
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