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Parallelware Analyzer: Speeding Up the Parallel Software Development Lifecycle.
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Emerging Technologies
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TimeMonday, November 12th7pm - 9pm
LocationBooth 619
DescriptionParallelware Analyzer is the second product in the Parallelware Tools Suite and is being designed around the needs of the user. Parallelware Analyzer is a command line reporting tool designed to help the HPC application developer speed up their development process, and also provide the HPC service provider a detailed understanding of what parallelization software solutions are being used on their systems. The tool enables the user to ‘zoom in’ on what they need to know, providing key information for understanding hybrid MPI+X applications from the point of view of computations, memory and control flow. The reports will cover code features such as understanding memory access patterns, data layout and data scoping; identifying functions free of side-effects beyond procedure boundaries; analyzing dependencies beyond loop boundaries to identify regions that are already parallelized and computational patterns that offer parallelization opportunities; annotating the source code with parallelization primitives including vectorization, SIMD, multi-threading, offloading to accelerators etc. This is all done by static analysis of the source code using LLVM-based compiler technology, without the need to ‘instrument’ or benchmark your code and can even be run on your laptop, irrespective of how many cores your code is designed to run on.
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