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NVXL Acceleration Platform for Polymorphic Acceleration
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Emerging Technologies
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TimeMonday, November 12th7pm - 9pm
LocationBooth 619
DescriptionNVXL has engineered a scalable approach to address the ever-increasing need for compute performance using a new technology: polymorphic acceleration. Polymorphic acceleration is the only technology that is built on the general premise that a multitude of compute-intensive applications needs a multitude of computing architectures including CPU, FPGA, GPU, or a new breed of ASICs that are currently being invented. Hence, instead of building silos of specific computing architectures, which is the current state of the art, data centers can use polymorphic acceleration to offer software-defined acceleration platforms in real time using a flexible accelerator pool that can easily be expanded and upgraded. Application performance is improved at a lower cost without the risk of betting on one particular device architecture.
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