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DAQDB - a Distributed Key-Value Store for Petascale Hot Storage
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Emerging Technologies
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TimeMonday, November 12th7pm - 9pm
LocationBooth 619
DescriptionHigh-capacity persistent memory, fast SSD-based storage, and platform-integrated RDMA network transport open new opportunities in the design of high-bandwidth data acquisition systems. Petascale hot storage solutions for data incoming at rate of multi TB/s over long periods of time are now becoming feasible.

In this project we design and implement DAQDB - a distributed key-value store for high-bandwidth data acquisition systems like the LHC experiments at CERN. After high luminosity upgrades of the LHC, data will be produced at a rate of 6 TB/s. This poses interesting challenges in terms of bandwidth and petascale capacity requirements, if hot storage solutions can be even considered viable options. The DAQDB project is to address them and thus should open completely new alternatives in the design of those systems.
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