Atipa Technologies
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Scientific simulations and modeling continue to produce larger and larger data sets. For our brain to understand and digest these vast amounts of data, visualization becomes an indispensable tool for post-simulation processing. The Atipa Polaris Select HPCV Cluster Family built on Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and Intel Omni-Path Fabric technology is the industry's first unified platform for scientific simulation and visualization. Using Intel Xeon optimized rendering engines, Atipa Polaris Select HPCV clusters offer in-situ visualization of big data on the same HPC system used to generate the data, eliminating the need for wasteful data transfers and special purpose hardware. Visit Atipa Technologies at Booth 3022 to see a live demo and receive a SDVis T-shirt!
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Analytics, Climate, Cloud, Communication, Data Management, Energy, Heterogeneous Computing, Networking, Server, Storage, Supercomputing, Visualization
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