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Gompute is a leading HPC Cloud computing company based in Sweden supporting users all around the globe. The solutions offered include HPC on demand, HPC software and Hosting services. Gompute delivers a collaborative and highly productive work environment for geographically distributed engineering teams, using a vertical delivery of the needed components to accelerate your product development. Combined with Gompute On-Demand, a proven solution for remote CAE needs, you have the option to either scale out or completely host your HPC environment, ranging from one to thousands of cores, in a Gompute owned Super Computing Centre. Using the Gompute service, organizations gets a ready to use environment with a large set of applications and resources pre-integrated and available just as if running on your local Linux desktop (i.e. – native graphical interface of your application), dramatically reducing the learning curve to run your simulations as a service. Gompute strives to be the natural choice for organizations in need of a secure and reliable partner for their HPC needs. By providing the wide array of building blocks for your HPC environment from one vendor we can help both to consolidate your internal environment, burst to extra capacity when needed, or manage resources for you, coupled with a support organization of HPC professionals and application domain experts. The Gompute environment is built from ground up to provide stakeholders in the organization with the needed resources for a stable functional HPC resource, including IT, CAE Management and most importantly, high productivity for the engineers performing CAE. Included is Remote Visualization over high latency links, File transfer technology, tools to create application workflows, large scale analytics, dashboards, collaboration features, app-launchers and more. For ISV’s looking to deliver their software as a service, we provide ready to use API’s, integration and methodologies ensuring you go to market quickly and help customers to rapidly discover value for their simulations.
Products / Services
Analytics, Cloud, Storage, Visualization
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