Ohio Supercomputer Center
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The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), a member of the Ohio Technology Consortium at the Ohio Department of Higher Education, addresses the rising computational demands of academic and industrial research communities by providing a robust shared infrastructure and proven expertise in advanced modeling, simulation and analysis. Since its establishment in 1987, OSC has been tasked with providing statewide HPC access to researchers within industry, as well as to those within academia. In Spring 2016, OSC officials unveiled the center’s most powerful system ever, the Dell/Intel Xeon Owens Cluster (total peak performance of 1,600 teraflops). At the same time, the center installed an entirely new storage infrastructure, which now offers clients nearly 5.5 petabytes of spinning-disk storage capacity distributed over several file systems, plus 5.5 petabytes of backup tape storage. Each of OSC’s three supercomputer clusters feature powerful NVIDIA GPU accelerators. To boost access to HPC resources, OSC has created two distinct programs: its AweSim industrial engagement initiative, focusing on modeling & simulation app development, and Open OnDemand, an NSF-funded initiative to develop and distribute an innovative, open-source web portal for HPC resources. For more, visit
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