PIONIER - Polish Optical Internet
Exhibitor Description
PIONIER is the Polish national research and education network created to provide high-speed Internet access and to conduct network-based research. The operator of PIONIER network is PSNC (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center) celebrating this year the 25th anniversary of its foundaton. The network represents a base for R&D in the area of information technology and telecommunications, computing sciences, applications and services for the Information Society. Currently connecting 21 Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) and 5 High Performance Computing Centers with high bandwidth links (80x 10 Gbit/s lambdas). The total length of the PIONIER network is 6663 km of fiber optics in Poland.
Products / Services
Analytics, Cloud, Communication, Data Management, Energy, Grid, Networking, Server, Storage, Supercomputing, Tools, Visualization
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