Shenzhen Gigalight Technology Co., Ltd.
Exhibitor Description
Gigalight, founded in 2006, is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Based on becoming the best provider and design collector of the global optical network plug and play middleware. We are committed to providing high cost-effective products and services for cloud service providers, various information and IT operators, network communication equipment providers. The company focuses on the development of DCI optical interconnection technology, high-definition video optical transmission technology, 5G optical network technology, coherent optical communication technology and silicon photonics chip integration technology. The main products of Gigalight include data center active optical cables, optical transceivers, MTP/MPO cabling system, passive optical components, coherent optical transceivers, DCI WDM transmission solution and optical transceiver cloud platform.
Products / Services
Analytics, Cloud, Communication, Data Management, Networking
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