Inclusivity Tips for SC18 Exhibitor Booths

Exhibit floor booths are often not very accessible to the physically disabled, particularly for persons with mobility impairments, including those persons using wheelchairs.

Here are some tips and standards related to physical accessibility to consider to improve accessibility on the showroom floor:

  1. Informational displays in booths should be hung such that the top of the display is no higher than approximately 5.5 feet. A person sitting in a chair should be able to easily read text at the top of the display.
  2. Booth presentations and displays should be accessible to the blind and visually impaired. There are many guidelines available for this, but some of these for powerpoint presentations and posters are listed below. A good source for accessible guidelines for inclusivity is this:–inclusion2017

Powerpoint Presentations:

  • Title fonts should be 44 pt. or greater. Text fonts should be 36 pt. or greater.
  • Avoid cramming too many slides into your presentation. Allow your audience time to read slides.
  • Place no more than 6 lines of text on a slide (excluding columns).
  • Replace graphics with text whenever possible.
  • If graphics are used, include a detailed explanation of the meaning of that chart or graphic in a descriptive text-only slide included immediately after the graphic slide. Note that the meaning of the graphic is helpful, not a description.


  • Slide transitions
  • Busy slide backgrounds
  • Chart filler patterns
  • Crowded text
  • Color schemes providing low contrast
  • Charts without text descriptions
  • Videos that are not captioned


  • Is poster text legible from a distance of 3 to 6 feet?
    • Title – Ideal is 158-point font. Use at least 72 point font or larger for poster titles.
    • Section Title – Ideal is 56-point font. Use at least 46 to 56-point font for section titles.
    • Block Text/Body – Ideal is 36-point font. At least 24-36 point font for body text.
  • Use non-serif (san-serif) fonts
  • Ensure that text and background are highly contrasting
  1. Interactive displays should be lowered so persons in wheelchairs can see them. The counter height range for an ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act) – compliant work surface is from 28 inches to 34 inches above finished floor.
  2. If there is presentation space in the booth, pull some chairs out so that persons with disabilities can have a place to park a wheelchair or walker.
  3. Ensure your booth is accessible to persons in wheelchairs. Avoid steps and barriers to access.
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