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Welcome to Dallas and the 30th edition of the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis! Our first conference (1988 in Orlando) was small and easy to explore. But 30 years later, you might need some insider tips from experienced attendees to plan your time at SC.


First-Time Attendees


The SC Conference extends a warm, enthusiastic welcome to all first-time attendees and returning attendees. There will be two Navigating SC18 sessions specifically designed to help you organize your conference experience.

Level 2, Room D227

Monday, November 12, 4:45–5:30 pm
Tuesday, November 13, 7:30 am–8:15 am

If you have further questions, please contact us.




The SC Conference Series has made an ongoing commitment to addressing inclusivity and diversity at the conference and within the HPC community. Making all attendees feel welcome is important to SC. Learn more about Our Commitment to You and our Code of Conduct.


How SC Is Organized


The SC Conference has two main components: the Technical Program and the Exhibits. Other notable features include Students@SC activities for undergraduate and graduate students, and SCinet, the conference’s dedicated high-capacity network infrastructure. To round out your attendee experience we invite you to attend our receptions and participate in 30 Years of SC anniversary activities.


Technical Program

The Technical Program is the heart of the conference, where the world’s leading researchers share results and applications, and debate the future of high performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis.

HPC Inspires Plenary
Invited Talks
Early Career
Birds of a Feather

Technical Program badges are required to attend most of these sessions. Tutorials and Workshops require separate registrations. Attendees with any badge can attend the HPC Inspires Plenary, Birds of a Feather sessions, the Awards session, and Exhibitor Forum sessions.



Don’t miss your first opportunity to preview the Exhibits. The Exhibits Hall opens Monday evening with the Grand Opening Gala Reception. Then for three full days (Tuesday–Thursday), the Exhibits Hall is crowded with thousands of international attendees visiting hundreds of booths that present the latest technologies and discoveries by vendors and research organizations around the world.

In addition, visitors have the opportunity to attend the presentations at:

Exhibitor Forum
HPC Impact Showcase

Entrance to the Grand Opening Gala Reception and the Exhibits Hall requires a Technical Program, Exhibits Hall Only, or Exhibitor badge.



Through professional development programs, opportunities to learn from mentors, and engagement with technical sessions, SC supports a strong and diverse HPC student community at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Most of the Students@SC activities are for students who have been selected for participation prior to the conference.

Student Cluster Competition
Student Volunteers
Experiencing HPC for Undergraduates

Additional on-site student activities include:

Mentor–Protégé Program
Student/Post-Doc Job Fair The job fair is open to any student or post-doc who registers for it.
Student Tours Program
Students@SC Sessions

The SC Program also features two components geared specifically towards students:

ACM Student Research Competition
Doctoral Showcase



The SC Conference operates a commodity network for attendees and an experimental network that showcases the most advanced and sophisticated technology currently available. During the conference, the SCinet experimental network delivers greater bandwidth than any other facility in the world and more capacity than many cities and countries. SCinet supports high-speed network connections linking the convention center to outside networks and provides wired and wireless connections for SC attendees and exhibitors.


Conference by Day


SC presents six days of scientific and engineering achievements from some of the world’s leading researchers, engineers, developers, and companies.

Sunday, November 11

Exhibitor Reception

Monday, November 12

HPC Inspires Plenary
Early Career
Grand Opening Gala Reception

Tuesday, November 13

Exhibitor Forum
Posters Reception
Invited Talks
Birds of a Feather
Awards Sessions

Wednesday, November 14

Exhibitor Forum
Invited Talks
Birds of a Feather
Awards Sessions

Thursday, November 15

Exhibitor Forum
Invited Talks
Birds of a Feather
Technical Program Reception
Awards Ceremony

Friday, November 16

30 Years of SC

View the complete SC Schedule.




The conference organizes four major social events:

Exhibitor Reception

Sunday, November 11, 7–9 pm

1135 S. Lamar St., Dallas, TX 75215

Food, refreshments, and entertainment for all registered exhibitors. Take a break and get something to eat before completing your booth setup. Admission requires an Exhibitor badge, an event ticket, and government-issued ID.

Grand Opening Gala Reception

Monday, November 12, 7–9 pm

Level 2, Exhibit Halls C/D/E/F

This is your first opportunity to see the world’s latest HPC systems and related networking, storage, analysis, research, and services. It’s also your best opportunity of the year to get up close and personal with the industry’s most advanced innovations and the people behind them. This event is open to attendees with Technical Program, Exhibitor, or Students@SC badges.

Posters Reception

Tuesday, November 13, 5:157 pm

Level 2, Ballroom C2/C3/C4

As the Posters are revealed, mingle with the authors and share a relaxed evening with colleagues and friends. For Technical Program attendees only.

Technical Program Reception

Thursday, November 15, 7–10 pm

Perot Museum of Nature and Science
2201 N. Field St., Dallas, TX 75201

The annual reunion of the people who create, operate, and use the world’s highest-performance computing systems. Drink a toast to 30 more years of the SC Conference Series! Admission requires a Technical Program badge, an event ticket, and government-issued ID. Event tickets for guests without a Technical Program badge can be purchased at the SC store.


30 Years of SC


SC18 is planning a series of commemorations to celebrate three decades of amazing achievements since the first conference in 1988: a history scavenger hunt, exhibitor awards, a 30th anniversary video (available on a souvenir flash drive to all attendees), a story booth, a special panel, invited talks, a dedicated digital archive, and a Lobby Museum.


SC Schedule


Start planning now to optimize your days and nights at the conference. Use the SC Schedule to create your own personalized agenda. This schedule is the most comprehensive source of information about conference programs, exhibits, and events.

The schedule features filters for event types and tags, day-specific links, a presenter index, organization index, detailed search capability, and a Happening Now area for current and near-future sessions. You can flag sessions, then add your entire flagged agenda to your personal calendar at one time.




Pick up your badge at the registration desk and wear it at all times while in the convention center. You must have a government-issued ID in order to complete the registration process and receive your badge.

Workshops and Tutorials attendees should pick up their badges on the day before their sessions to avoid long registration lines and the risk of being late to their first sessions.

Registration is Open!

Complete registration information can be found here.

On-Site Registration
Level 2, Lobby D

Saturday, November 10, 1 pm–6 pm
Sunday, November 11, 7 am–6 pm
Monday, November 12, 7 am–9 pm
Tuesday, November 13, 7:30 am–6 pm
Wednesday, November 14, 7:30 am–6 pm
Thursday, November 15, 7:30 am–5 pm
Friday, November 16, 8 am–11 am


Schedule at a Glance, Exhibitor List and Floorplan


Attendees registered for the Technical Program will receive two printed publications when picking up their badges at the registration desk:

Schedule at a Glance

Provided to Technical Program attendees and available for download by all attendees, the Schedule at a Glance lists all sessions and activities for the week. The complete SC Schedule is available online.

Exhibitor List and Floorplan

A list of all exhibitors and their booth locations is provided to Technical Program participants when they pick up their badge. Copies of this publication are also available at the SC Information Booths. Exhibitor names and locations are also available online.


Family Resources


SC offers a broad range of resources for parents and children of all ages.

All children (of any age) must be registered at Assisted Registration located in the registration area on Level 2, Lobby D. Access policies vary according to the age of the child and the particular conference venue involved.

Family Day

Wednesday, November 14, 4–6 pm
During this time, registered attendees can invite family members to join them for a walk through the Exhibits Hall.

Parents Room

A quiet place with private feeding areas, refrigerators, changing tables, lockers to store your personal items, and plush chairs.

On-Site Child Care

Child care services are available in the convention center for registered attendees and exhibitors. For a small fee, children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years can participate.

View complete information on the Family Resources page.


Information Booths


All attendee questions and comments are welcome at the SC Information Booths.

Main Information Booth
Level 2, Lobby C

Saturday, November 10, 1 pm–5 pm
Sunday, November 11, 8 am–6 pm
Monday, November 12, 8 am–7 pm
Tuesday, November 13, 8 am–6 pm
Wednesday, November 14, 8 am–6 pm
Thursday, November 15, 8 am–6 pm
Friday, November 16, 8:30 am–noon

Satellite Information Booth
Level 2, Lobby E

Sunday, November 11, 8 am–5 pm
Monday, November 12, 8 am–5 pm
Tuesday, November 13, 10 am–6 pm
Wednesday, November 14, 8 am–4 pm


Wireless Access


All of the networking resources are provided free of charge. The wireless network extends to meeting rooms, the Exhibits Hall, and all common areas of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center occupied by SC. There are two ways to access the network:

  • SC18 SSID, the general, unencrypted wireless access for most attendees and exhibitors.
  • The eduroam SSID, an encrypted wireless connection that is authenticated with pre-configured users’ credentials from their participating institutions. If you do not have an eduroam account set up before you arrive at the conference, or if your institution does not participate in eduroam, you will not be able to join the eduroam server.


Conference Store


The Conference Store sells SC18 clothing and souvenirs.

Level 2, Lobby D

Saturday, November 10, 1 pm–6 pm
Sunday, November 11, 7 am–6 pm
Monday, November 12, 7 am–9 pm
Tuesday, November 13, 7:30 am–6 pm
Wednesday, November 14, 7:30 am–6 pm
Thursday, November 15, 7:30 am–5 pm
Friday, November 16, 8 am–11 am


Convention Center and Local Services


Visit Dallas Booth

Located in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, this booth is staffed by local experts who can help with all your Dallas questions and plans. They offer information on attractions, dining, transportation options, maps, brochures, and a myriad of other helpful hints for navigating the city.

Level 2, Lobby D

Sunday, November 11, 8 am–6 pm
Monday, November 12, 8 am–6 pm
Tuesday, November 13, 8 am–6 pm
Wednesday, November 14, 8 am–6 pm
Thursday, November 15, 8:30 am–5 pm
Friday, November 16, 8 am–noon


ATM/Banks/Currency Exchange


U.S. Bank ATMs
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
650 South Griffin St, C Hall, Dallas, TX 75202
Level 2, Exhibit Halls A/C/D

Chase Bank
1700 Pacific Ave #125, Dallas, TX 7520

Comerica Bank
1717 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201

Wells Fargo Bank
1445 Ross Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75202


Business Centers


Omni Dallas Hotel
(connected to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center)
2nd Floor
555 S. Lamar St., Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 652-4256
Monday–Friday: 7 am–6 pm
Saturday: 9 am–4 pm
Sunday: 9 am–4 pm

Hyatt Regency Dallas Hotel
300 Reunion Blvd. E., Dallas, TX 75207
(214) 741-2763
Monday–Friday: 7 am–7 pm
Saturday: 10 am–5 pm
Sunday: noon–5 pm


Coat and Bag Check

Level 1, Lower Lobby D

Saturday, November 10, 11 am–8 pm
Sunday, November 11, 7 am–6 pm
Monday, November 12, 7 am–10 pm
Tuesday, November 13, 7 am–9 pm
Wednesday, November 14, 7 am–8 pm
Thursday, November 15, 7 am–11 pm
Friday, November 16, 7 am–1 pm


Lost and Found

Located at the Exhibitor Approved Contractor (EAC) desk across from Registration on Level 2, Lobby D.


Quiet Room

The quiet room is a physical space where conversation and interaction are not allowed, where attendees can go for quiet, prayer, meditation, or similar activities.

Level 3, Room A301

Saturday, November 10, 9 am–6 pm
Sunday, November 11, 8 am–6 pm
Monday, November 12, 8 am–9 pm
Tuesday, November 13, 8 am–7 pm
Wednesday, November 14, 8 am–7 pm
Thursday, November 15, 8 am–7 pm



The SC18 security office is located on Level 2, Room A201.


Convention Center Map


A map of the Convention Center can be found here. The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center has three levels:

Level 1 / Ground Floor
Level 2 / Exhibits Floor
Level 3 / Mezzanine


Hotel Shuttle Schedule


SC provides shuttle bus service between hotels and the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

View shuttle schedule and routes here.


Safety Notes


Downtown Dallas is a safe and peaceful area. But be careful, as you would in any large city:

  • Don’t walk alone at night. Use the buddy system. Stay on well-lit or major streets at night.
  • Carry a phone in case of emergencies and have at least one other attendee’s contact information.
  • Do not wear your conference badge outside the convention center. It can attract attention from scammers and criminals.
  • Ask hotel staff if certain areas are safe before going out.
  • Do not leave belongings unattended.

Learn more about Dallas here.


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