Breaking News: SC18 Papers Program is Live and Awards Finalists are Posted

Torsten Hoefler
SC18 Papers Chair Torsten Hoefler with ETH Zurich

The final decisions have been made on technical papers for SC18, and the entire program is now online. This year, the committee adopted a new review process, in which some papers were selected for major and minor revisions. The new process combines the timeliness of traditional SC conference submissions with the rigor of journal review.

Further details can be found by clicking here and by clicking here.

Overall, 68 papers out of 288 submissions were accepted. Fifty-five were accepted in the first round, some with a minor revision. The authors of 15 more submissions were invited to submit a major revision of their work, in cases when the committee was not able to make a confident decision. Of these, 13 were ultimately accepted.

The committee reported that the revision process improved the overall quality of the papers, and that they were more confident in their decisions as a result of the revisions.  The new process allowed us to accept a slightly larger fraction (23.6%) of the papers than in the past years, without compromising quality.

As in past years, the committee selected some of the top papers as finalists for the best paper and best student paper awards.

The best paper candidates are:

The best student paper candidates are as follows:

We congratulate all authors of accepted papers and award finalists! We also thank all submitters, committee members, and track chairs for making SC18 a success!

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